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As a beginner, If you are not familiar with everything, please refer to the following information:

To make a complete rug, you need the following:

" Frame, Tufting gun, Yarn, Tufting cloth, Backing cloth, Glue, White late, Binding Tape, Rug carver"

◆◆◆ How to choose a tufting gun?
In our order: 95% is cut pile, 5% is loop pile, Cut pile rug is more delicate and soft, more popular.
If you want to make a rug easily, Recommend: AK-I, TD-I, VK-I tufting gun.
If you want to make professional rug, Recommend: ZQ-II, KRD-I, AK-III tufting gun.

◆◆◆ What are tufting cloth , backing cloth?
Tufting cloth need to fixed on the frame, and the yarn is hit on it with a tufting gun or a punch needle.
Recommendation: Tufting cloth with Yellow \Green guidelines

Backing cloth:
When rug is finished, Backing cloth need to glued to the back of the rug. It can be thick cloth or non-slip felt cloth.
Recommendation: Non-slip felt cloth, Backing cloth

◆◆◆ How to choose yarn?
Wool yarn、 Acrylic yarn 、 50% Wool yarn , them are all suitable for tufting gun.

Wool yarn rug: more soft and delicate、More popular,
Acrylic yarn rug: the color are more vivid, cheap,

The thickness of the yarn is recommended to be 3-6mm. If yarn is thin, you need combine several layers to use.
Recommendation: 6ply Wool yarn、 8ply acrylic yarn

◆◆◆ About Carver Tool
We think it is necessary. When your rug is finished, you need to cut the yarn pile to make the rug more smooth and delicate. This tool can easily handle it.
Recommendation: Rug Carver 、Flat Shearing Machine

◆◆◆ Glue and white latex 、Other tools
In fact, You can buy them at your local supermarket!

if you have any question, pls let me know !