In some cases it may be a combination of the things listed below, so please read through and consider your set up and materials before posing your unique question to the group.

How are you holding/ manipulating the machine?

  • Your tufting gun should only be moved in the direction that the foot is facing. What this means is that as you work, you should be leading your yarn with the foot/ needle and never dragging it back on itself.


  • The cloth you are using is not ideal for tufting and is being damaged as your needle works. Please read our section on primary tufting fabric for more details about ideal fabric for tufting.
  • Your cloth needs to be stretched as tightly as possible (and comfortable) onto your frame before working. It should feel taught to the touch, with some bounce/ flexibility to be expected.


  • One of the most common issues is that your yarn is falling out of the machine as you work. The main cause of this is that your yarn is not being effectively threaded into your machine as you work. Please see above where we go into more detail about ow to properly feed your yarn into your tufting machine as you work.
  • If your yarn is very thin it may be falling out as you work. Please see above where yarn size is explained in more detail.
April 13, 2020 — Kinalin